Edition 2016 – Victor Mids (Mindf*ck) is coming to ‪The Future of High Tech

Victor Mids is both illusionist and a doctor. Through this combination he brings illusion and science together in a unique way. Let him take you to his world during the walking diner and afterparty, where nothing is what it seems…

Neuromagic is a combination of illusionism, psychology, medicine and sleight of hand. While leaving the classical form of magic behind, Victor takes his audience in an entertaining and intelligent way along a range of illusions and neuropsychological experiments. How easily will you be distracted? How do you erase someone’s memory? And does a free will actually exist? Find out how easy your own brain and senses are being fooled.

Check out a scene for Mindf*ck: a popular scientific magic show in the Netherlands.

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