Carolien Nijhuis: The value of Internet of Things for companies

Carolien Nijhuis, Managing Director Internet of Things at KPN, will take the floor at the next edition of The (sold out) Future of High Tech on the 26th of September, as an inspiring expert in her field. “Making data from online communication devices relevant to customers so as to give their companies advantages in terms of efficiency, customer experience, new business models and much more.” That is how Carolien describes Internet of Things (IoT) based on her expertise. 

“It is predicted that in 2020, no less than 20 billion devices will be connected to the internet. That creates great opportunities, not only for us at KPN, but also for our corporate customers, who are well aware of this. IoT promises to improve business processes and customer experiences tremendously, which can result in entirely new business models,” Carolien explains.

“That being said, at KPN, we noticed that companies are faced with a lot of complex decisions before being able to successfully use IoT. ‘Which information do I need? How do I present this information? How do I make sure that this data enters my infrastructure safely?’ These are just a few of the many complex issues on IoT that many companies have trouble addressing in practice.”

“In recent years, we have joined forces with many of our customers to answer hundreds of IoT-related questions, develop prototypes and validate the impact of IoT in the context of actual customer issues. Based on these insights, we have launched a comprehensive and safe IoT total solution.” Curious to find out more? Carolien will be speaking at The Future of High Tech, where you will discover many of the possibilities IoT has to offer!


Carolien Nijhuis is Managing Director Internet of Things at KPN, the largest ICT provider in the Netherlands. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Twente and is known for her customer focus and ability to use a broad variety of technologies in order to create customer value and business opportunities. 

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