TOWARDS A SMARTER INDUSTRY The Future of High Tech 2017 Save the date: 26 SEPTEMBER 2017

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The Future of High Tech

During Startup Fest Europe, the Netherlands will be abuzz with everything relating to startups and entrepreneurship. Do we want high-tech enterprises to continue growing so they can solve the current ‘grand challenges’ in the areas of safety and security, health and research? If the answer to this question is yes, then we have to introduce enterprises to large investors and established companies at an early stage. This is precisely what the Startup Fest Europe event The Future of High Tech represents: forging connections. One-on-one meetings in an inspiring, flashy, high-tech setting with key speakers such as Chris Anderson.


Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson, one of the most influential minds in tech, is coming to Twente! The author of the best-seller The long tail is our keynote speaker during The Future of High Tech.

Inspiring speakers

Get inspired by key speakers such as Chris Anderson during the event and immerse yourself in the Twente high-tech entrepreneurial ecosystem. You will be introduced to the latest technological developments, have one-on-one talks with entrepreneurs from high-tech startups and scale-ups and top scientists on the latest scientific insights and trends. More importantly, you will establish international connections and expand your network, actively facilitated by the event organizers. In this way, we will succeed in marketing relevant technology and finding solutions for global challenges together.

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Chris Anderson

DIY Drones

Prince Constantijn van Oranje

Startup Fest Europe

Vint Cerf


Ray Quintana

Cottonwood Technology Fund

Dr. Detlef Pohl

Siemens Venture Capital

Erik Huizer



3D printing

Clear Flight Solutions






360 Sports Intelligence

Video analysis


3D motion capturing

Promising startups & scaleups

Get inspired and connected to the unique business climate with the highest number of startups in Europe. The region of Twente is the cradle of the most successful startups in The Netherlands. Global brands like,, Xsens, Topicus, Demcon and 2000 others started in Twente. Therefore, Twente is number one in startups in Europe!

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